1. God is the primary cause of all that is known through spiritual and physical sciences.
  2. God is existent, intelligent and blissful. He is formless, omnipotent, just, kind, unborn, endless, unchangeable, beginning less, unequalled, the support of all, the Lord of all, omnipresent, immanent, non-aging, immortal, fearless, eternal, holy, and the creator of the universe. He alone should be communed with.
  3. Veda is the scripture of all true knowledge. Reading, teaching, hearing, and reciting the Veda is the first duty of all noble people.
  4. For accepting truth and rejecting falsehood, one should always be prepared.
  5. All work should be done in keeping with righteousness, i.e., after due reflection over right and wrong.
  6. To do good to the whole world is the main object of this society, i.e., to improve physically, spiritually, and socially.
  7. One should have dealings with all in accordance with love, law, and propriety.
  8. Dispelling ignorance and promoting knowledge should be done.
  9. Nobody should remain content with his own prosperity, but the individual prosperity should be considered in the prosperity of all.
  10. All men should be bound in following altruistic, social rules, and in every rule of welfare, let all be free.